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October 11, 2010 | No comments | News

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The Missing Link in SMP

Originally posted to Retail Reseller News

Reselling Panasonic’s System Manager Pro (SMP) and growing worried about PCI now that the vendor no longer supports the software? An interesting third-party solution has been developed by Bunt Software (Rockford, IL), which works in concert with the hosted payment gateway at Merchant Link (Silver Spring, MD). Entitled SMPLink, and launched in July, this new middleware exploits Merchant Link’s TransactionVault for tokenization of consumer data, meets PA-DSS requirements, and even supports gift cards. So far, Bunt Software has sold about 400 licenses, with 11 Panasonic dealers marketing to their customers.

In an interview with RRN.Com, Don Bunt said he spent 20 years developing POS software for Panasonic before launching his company. “Without SMPLink, customers would have had to replace their POS software, maybe even hardware,” Bunt suggested. “All of the familiar QSRs are using SMP in some form or another–Wendy’s, Arby’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, Cold Stone Creamery. With SMPLink, merchants can continue operations without worry until such time as they want to replace the POS.”

“I’m working with Panasonic dealers who are already servicing these customers for the long haul,” Bunt continued. “I’ve built margin into the product, and there’s also installation charges for them.” Bunt Software helps dealers with the installation process and provides two-tier support for Merchant Link. Now negotiations are underway with other POS companies to provide middleware similar to SMPLink for their PCI compliance needs, RRN.Com was told.

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